About Us

BrassBox was founded from a desire to create and produce distinctly unique and personalised items for the home. It became clear that the ordinary, everyday item could be made extra special by adding a touch of magic through personalisation. The only limit to what BrassBox Gifts can create is the imagination of the designers and of course, our customers!

Using advanced laser technology, completely unique items can be created quickly and accurately. Customers can choose from our large array of products available on our website which can also be customised with personalised messages. Or if they prefer, personal artwork or photographs can be incorporated into specific, one-off pieces.

Our laser machines are capable of cutting and engraving most materials including paper, cardboard, acrylic, wood, slate, stone and coated metals which means that customers can choose not only the perfect design and finish, but also the perfect base material.

Our aim is to create beautiful, bespoke items that can be treasured by recipients for years to come, or indeed to make a special event a touch more memorable. We make products for weddings, christenings and birthdays that ensure your event is unique.

When customising or commissioning items, we encourage our customers to be fully involved. Each step of the process is explained and customers are given the opportunity to make amendments as desired. We strive to offer fantastic customer support because we know that BrassBox is nothing without a loyal customer base.