Branching Out


First of all, I would like to take a moment to thank everybody who has participated in our journey so far. It’s difficult trying to establish a small business and without continued support from friends and family, it would be almost impossible. In all honesty, it has certainly been more difficult than I initially thought. At the moment, the BrassBox Gifts Facebook page has almost 250 followers, which, compared to some pages, is absolutely small fry, but to me, it’s a real achievement. Every “50” milestone gives a sense of great satisfaction!

Here at BrassBox we have been adding to our arsenal of equipment. As well as the laser, we have invested in a vinyl cutter, a heat press and a mug press. We can now offer sublimation printing and apparel adorned with vinyl decoration. So far, our personalised bridal robes have proven to be popular and we have plans to launch a range of Scottish themed T-Shirts. This will all take time due to the design process, but once we have the designs in place, the products will be proudly displayed on both the website and Facebook page.


Weddings seem to be a great line of business for us and there is no greater pleasure than creating unique wares for Brides and Grooms to be. Personalised table decor and signage for weddings is proving to be extremely popular, and at such competitive prices, it’s easy to see why BrassBox have a steady stream of requests for these products. Authentic whisky barrel lids, which are personalised to reflect the mood and theme of the wedding, add a beautiful finishing touch to such an important day. Cutlery ties are also perfect for saying thank you to friends and families for helping to celebrate.

Gifts For The Big Day

Many people are involved in helping to create the perfect wedding day. One of the most important roles on the day is that of the Bridesmaids. Following several requests for Bridesmaid gifts, we are pleased to show off our personalised, Bridesmaid Boxes. These lovely boxes are personalised following the theme of the wedding and also include the name of the Bridesmaid. The benefit of these boxes is that they can be used for years to come and can be filled with treats that you know your Bridesmaid will love!

It’s not only the helpers on the day that receive gifts, the happy couple can also expect to pick up a few too! BrassBox have created many personalised gifts for newly married couples. Large oak serving boards are both eye-catching, a talking point and a beautiful addition to the household. A lovely way to mark the special day.

Thanks again to everybody for their support so far. Please continue to be patient as we add to our growing catalogue of products. Feel free to take a moment to check out our website: and if you have any specific, special requests, drop us a message and we’ll do all we can to help.