Northern Scot Wedding Show 2019

So, we attended our very first wedding show a couple of weeks ago. I didn’t really know what to expect - this was another first for us! There were a few teething problems the moment we arrived - our allocated space was a table short and the table that was there was wired to the floor! Never mind though, the problem was quickly resolved and we set about preparing our display for the public. There was a fair amount of walking back and forth to the car with boxes, but after much puffing and panting, everything was inside! We’ve now got a little bit of experience under our belts with regards to set up, so it didn’t really take very long at all to get everything organised. We even had time to take a Wedding Show selfie! (These trade show selfies are becoming a bit of a tradition now!)

We felt extra professional at this show as we had on our customised BrassBox shirts. I think we looked really smart and you can’t go wrong with black! As you can see in the background of the picture, we’ve also bought a trade stand banner to let everybody know who we are. I love it - I’ve never had my own banner before!

We spoke with a couple of hundred people on the day. Most of those were Brides, a few Grooms (not sure where all the boys were hiding....) and parents of the Brides and Grooms to be. The main thing that came across was the excitement that all the visitors had. They had something to plan that they were really looking forward to. Some of the wedding dates aren’t for another two years, but already, plans are underway. 

We had a great day at the Northern Scot Wedding Show. It’s always nice to get positive compliments from potential customers and it’s great to take a look at what other people are making and selling. It’s a fantastic way to get inspiration for future projects and to keep on top of what is currently trending in the wedding industry. Although we didn’t sell anything on the day, I’m hopeful that we’ll be remembered and people will contact us regarding the projects nearer to their wedding dates. Overall, it was a good experience attending our first wedding event and I’m hopeful that there will be many more to come in the future!